Five Elements Balanced

Dove Govrin

I was born the year of the Dragon and am intrigued by their healing powers in Chinese culture and medicine. Dragons are strong, powerful and wise creatures transforming negative energy into positive.

In creating these dragons through clay I discover their essence and personality gaining deeper insight to my own personal development and encountered both physical and personal challenges in how to balance these special beings.

The base dragon represents Earth, foundation, grounded, digestion, nourishment and contentment.
Out of Earth comes Metal Dragon, for the Lungs overcoming sadness , Grief and Depression.
Above is the Water Dragon, for Kidneys overcoming fear.
The Green wood Dragon heals the Liver promoting Loving kindness overcoming Anger.
The Fire Dragon manifests Passion and compassions from the Heart.


2020 Paperclay, hand built, low fire glaze

47 in x 13 in x 13 in

Not for sale