Centered Man

Sarah Mansbach

At the time I made “Centered Man”, my interest lay in sculpture showing faces and expressions. I was drawn to faces of a gestural, or emotional perspective, as opposed to realistic.

The exaggerated dark to light contrast, particularly in the case of his face, I felt emphasized his emotions. I feel he is peaceful and contemplative; he is centered, in terms of an emotional state. His head being on top of a “torso” which is symmetrical, is a nod to this.

The other reason I made him stacked up on totem like sections, is so that he can be placed on the floor, with his faced angled up, such that on walking past him, it is easy to glance down at his face, and see his peaceful expression. The sections of his torso are simple, and unadorned, other than the contrast shadowing, tying in with the surface decoration on his head. This is so that while the viewer is aware of the totem like sections, their attention is drawn to his face.


2017. B-mix, cone 5 electric firing, underglaze and clear glaze

26 in x 7 in x 7 in

Not for sale