The Jurors

We were six juror members reviewing pieces of artwork submitted by Terra Linda Ceramic Artists. We discussed each piece via Zoom and voted for first and second place. The process was enjoyable and made more so after reading the artist's statements and bios that described their artwork's inspiration. The background story of the artists made the selection process personal and interesting.

While we would have preferred to view these art pieces in person, we were fortunate to see much of the work in progress, and we appreciated the artistry, creativity, and craftsmanship of the pieces. Although we did not decide unanimously on the "very best", it was easy to reach a consensus that all the submitted artwork was remarkable and exceptional. It is truly impressive that even under the current conditions, the ceramics community's creativity continues to flourish. Terra Linda Ceramics Artists is a resilient community and not only continues to be inspired artistically but inspires others too in person and online. You can see that in the quality of work that these artists are creating.

Jurors: Catherine Blackstone, Jo Clarke, Catherine Engelbrecht, Susan Hontalas, Esther Starke, Kristen Yee.