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Green Boys Defeat

Selina Wintersteen

I started this sculpture with the intention of simply trying to make a figure.

As it progressed it became more uncontrollable and each step somehow frustrating.

For example, I didn’t like the face so I kind of squished it. Later, I came to like the pouty expression. During the glazing process as I painted the underglaze vines I was wondering “why I am painting vines?” only to discover that they worked!

Near the end I still didn’t really like this sculpture so I randomly applied some red paint to the face and then realized what this figure was about.

For me, he is a wounded but proud character who has been fighting with nature.

Working on this one reminds me once again to never giving up on a piece because there is always a chance that something unexpected might happen.


Clay: Low fire EM210, Underglaze and acrylic paint12 in x 7 in x 8 in

Not for sale