Susan Press

Using both low and mid-range fired clay, I have created a series of hand-built figurative works. With each piece my goal is to tell a story, to touch on a viewers relationship to memories or held emotions , possibly resulting in feelings of delight or amusement.

"Spring Family"

12 in x 7 in x 7 in

2020, Porcelain, cold finish

For sale: $450


12 in x 8 in x 6 in

2020, low fire white, cold finish, mixed media added

For sale: $650

"Three Angels"

18 in x 8 in x 6 in

2019, low fire white, low fire, cold finish

For sale: $800

Artist's biography:

Studying both printmaking and ceramics, I received my degree from the San Francisco Art Institute in the 70's. In the years since I have taught grades preK through twelve and made and exhibited my work in various Bay Area galleries.