Kambia Moezzi

I grew up in a home full of art and creative outlets. A potter’s wheel was my “at home” merry-go-round. My career, seeped in analytics and large scale operations, has also been creative. My angle of thought has been looking out at people and seeing trends, then giving avenues for them to express themselves without words.

Over the past 10 years, I have found time to put art from my own hand back into my daily life. And now, as I create for my own self, I can enjoy looking inward for my own “trends.” It can just be me and a ball of clay playing.

Light with texture

22 in x 12 in X 7 in

2019. BMix mide range firing. Glazed.

Not for sale

Light with Escapes

18 in x 14 in x 4 in

2020. 2019. BMix mide range firing. Glazed.

For sale: $248

Surf Table

17 in x 47 in x 25 in

2017. All tiles made by my hands. Glazed.

For sale: $488