Dove Govrin

I am an artist who desires a deep connection with mother earth and am drawn to her beauty, her garden of life. What I create in art I live through movement. What moves me, I create in art. Feeling the textures of earth in my hands, I am reminded of the mud pies I made as a child and the beautiful flowers of purples, red and yellows I have planted in the soil as an adult.

This is an extension of my personal journey; one to balance body, mind and spirit through nature, art and energy, and ceramic art is another way I achieve this. To me, it acts as a transport, a way to go deeper into a meditative state. Like yoga and qigong, it is an expression of creation, born out of that closer relationship with self.

The strong protective dragon is my spirit guide and helps me transform negative energy into positive. Learning to balance the healing energies of the dragon is a life long practice. The counterpart, the Phoenix teaches that life continues and is renewed even after extreme challenges.

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On Fire

14 in x12 in x 7in

Paperclay, hand built, low fire glaze

Not for sale

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Dragon Flow

11 in x 8 in x 9 in

Coil vase with slab dragon with low fire glaze

For sale: $250

Five Elements Balanced

47 in x 13 in x 13 in

2020 Paperclay, hand built, low fire glaze

Not for sale