David Creech

Over 3 decades have passed since I spent time a ceramics studio. And this year, when I placed my hands on clay, a dormant love affair was instantly rekindled. The familiar touch and exchange of energy felt like reuniting with a long forgotten lover. She felt like home.

My return to clay was inspired by a rebirth. My rebirth. And my desire to do things for the first time, - again.

I don’t “make things” I do what the material calls me to do. We create together. I have always loved the union of sharp geometry and the softness and unpredictability of organic shapes and edges. And the positivities and negativities of space and of life.

A successful sculpture of mine is when I experience a calm, comfortable, engaging process, maybe a clever design, with a little intrigue tossed in the mix.

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The Light Within

5.5 in x 7 in x 2 in

Box - 2020, earthenware, low-fire, underglaze and clear glaze finish

For sale: $250

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The In Between

6 in x 10 in x 4.5 in

Shield - 2020 Earthenware, low fire, underglaze, glossy glaze finish

For sale: $200

Artist's biography:

David studied Art and Psychology, then mastered in Filmmaking. He taught at the European Film college and now produces and directs film and video in Northern California and beyond. He loves yoga.