The Good Mother

Melissa Woodburn


This body of work started with a single hare, who invited his friends.

My husband and I had removed our front lawn, replacing grass with a low water pollinators’ garden. Doing all the work ourselves was laborious, taking the most of one year, ending with our last plantings in November. Soon after we planted our last section, I came out early one morning to find two large hares nibbling several plants to the ground.

Deciding I needed a “scarecrow” hare, I designed one to fit into a ceramic garden totem, to be placed permanently outside. The hare who emerged from the clay was grave and stately. He didn’t want to be part of a totem, but he wanted to rule. When I asked him if he wanted his own “drove,” hares began popping into my mind and hopping through my studio.

All have emerged with a similar force of will, establishing relationships among themselves and with the viewer.


2019, hand-built from EM210 low-fire clay with glazes

19 in x 12 in x 8 in

For sale: $1,000