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A Murder of Crows

Laurel Marinelli

A Murder of Crows is inspired by my connection two different observations. As a teacher, I daily saw many, many crows steal children’s lunches on the playground. Sometimes they boldly snatched a sandwich from a lunchbox and flew away. Other times, recess over, these brazen marauders feasted on the abandoned lunch tables. I am also appalled by the culture of the current administration. I perceive greed and dishonesty to be its trademarks. The term “brazen marauders ” could also apply to the cultural climate of those in political power. The crow in the center of A Murder of Crows flaunts two silver rings in his beak. Where did he get those? He reigns over the smaller crows, who eat off the plates of a vanished family. Dinner at a well set table invites thoughts of family, connection and happiness. Instead we have a murder of crows, devouring what is not theirs.


Created in 2020 - Clay: Laguna low fire white clay Firing: Cone 05 for underglazes and glazes Cone 019 for luster glazing Glazes: Commercial: Duncan and Western

Acrylic painted used for food on plates Metal crows feet bought from Cascade Carvers WA

12 in x 18 in x 11 in

For Sale: $950