TLCA 2020 Exhibition

October 7 - November 20, 2020

A virtual exhibition in collaboration with Falkirk Cultural Center of San Rafael.

Through thick and thin, our community of artists shows creativity and resilience. 2020 was supposed to be an incredible year for our studio. We had several exhibits lined up. The program was at capacity, and our vibrant and diverse community was pulsating with immense feelings of joy, camaraderie, and fun. This all changed with COVID19. Everything about the studio went virtual, our shows were canceled, our community dispersed, and our program was hanging by a thread. A robust creative thread nonetheless. A couple of months ago, Darcie Chellew, interim coordinator of the Falkirk Cultural Center in San Rafael, and I both emailed each other simultaneously about our exhibit that should have opened in September. It is from that conversation that this exhibit came to be. In this exhibit, you will see the selected art works of 38 members of our Terra Linda Ceramic Artists studio. We hope you enjoy it.

Nadia Tarzi-Saccardi
Director, Terra Linda Ceramic Artists